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A few words about Mirelle

Mirelle is a high-level scripting language designed for prototyping, scientific calculations and simulation modelling.
The main idea behind it's design was to make a language with a syntax that is lightweight, easy to read and type, yet familiar to programmers experienced in C#, Java, C++ and others.

Mirelle is

  • Object-oriented: every value is an object, all the built-in types have methods.
  • Compiled: the code is translated directly to .NET assembly bytecode, without messing with intermediate interpreters.
  • Extendable: new types can be introduced by registering special assemblies that can be written in any .NET-compatible language.
  • Simple: you don't need endless semicolons, variable type indicators and parens any more, and the code becomes light and beautiful.
  • Free and open-source.

Mirelle is NOT

  • Cross-platform: it requires .NET 4, which is not yet implemented by Mono.
  • Production-ready: being only a few months old, the project is still under heavy development and may contain bugs.
  • Ubiquitous: as it still lacks certain features, some tasks are better implemented in more mature languages.

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