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A block is the smallest part of a symbol for which independent properties can be set. When transmitting a symbol, each block can have it's own data, modulation and a tag, and some of the blocks can fail to transmit while other arrive to the receiver successfully.


  • bool used: flag indicating the block contains data
  • bool ok: flag indicating the block has been transmitted successfully (only for used blocks)
  • modulation modulation: the modulation of the block (more powerful modulation allows transferring more data, but the error rate is higher)
  • flow flow: the flow to which the data in the block belongs to
  • string tag: additional information


  • void fill(flow flow): fill the block with the data from the flow (using BPSK as modulation)
  • void fill(flow flow, modulation modulation): set the modulation for the blocks and fill it with the data from the flow
  • float quality: gets the SNR for the current block
  • int size: gets the number of PDUs the block can store (modulation-dependent)
  • int data_size: gets the number of PDU actually stored in the block

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