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The flow type declares a single flow, which emits data to be transmitted via wireless network. To be used in a wireless planner simulation, it must be registered using the flow_sim:add method. See flow_sim documentation for more details.


  • flow_type flow_type: the flow type
  • int speed: the rate, at which the flow puts packet into it's queue
  • int size: size of a single data packet in PDUs (Physical Data Units, a logical unit of measure which you can define yourself)
  • int qos: flow priority (QoS)


  • void construct(flow_type type, int speed, int size, int qos = 0) - create a new flow with given type, speed and packet size (QoS is optional)
  • int queue_size: returns the number of PDUs in flow data queue
  • float wait_avg: average wait time for all data packets transmitted
  • complex[] wait: wait graph (averaged, 1 point for each flow_sim:scale points)

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