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The flow_sim static type provides fields and methods to control wireless planner simulation, much like the sim type controls basic discrete-event simulations.


  • int speed: the rate at which the planner is invoked
  • int blocks_per_symbol: number of blocks within a single symbol
  • int block_size: block size in PDUs
  • float time_max: the time limit for simulation
  • int queue_max: maximum queue length for all flows
  • int scale: number of points to approximate data on (more points = rougher, but faster)
  • flow[] flows: the array of flows to be simulated
  • float[] channel: the channel quality spectre


  • void add(flow flow): adds a flow to the simulation
  • void set_channel(dict ptys): calculates the channel quality spectre by the number of rays and their latencies. There can't be more rays than blocks_per_symbol constant.
  • flow pick_flow: picks a random flow from the flow array according to their priorities (bigger priority = is picked more often)

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