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The type sim_result contains statistics about the simulation performed by Sim type.


  • int emitters: gets the number of emitters
  • int processors: gets the number of processors
  • int events: gets the number of events processed altogether
  • int discarded: gets the number of events discarded due to queue overflow
  • float time: gets the system time of the simulation
  • int queue_max: gets the maximum queue length
  • float wait_avg: gets the average waiting time
  • float wait_max: gets the maximum waiting time
  • complex[] processors_graph: gets the processor usage stats as a point array that can be passed to series:plot
  • complex[][] queue_graph: gets the queue usage stats as a 2d point array that can also be passed to series:plot

The type also provides a method show, which displays a window with all details at once, like the following:




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